Fremont Midwifery - Geraldine Lee, LM

New Life Midwifery Care - Suzanne Thomson, LM - 206-365-5156 (home and birth center)

Seattle Home Maternity Service - Marge Mansfield, LM, CPM; Suzy Myers, LM, CPM, MPH; Heather Chorley, LM (home and birth center)

Expecting the Best Midwifery Care - Traci Cooper, LM; Ann Gugat, LM; Michelle Sarju, LM (home and birth center)

Seattle Birth Center - Felice Barnow, ND, LM; Morgan Martin, ND, LM (home and birth center)

Ten Moons Birthing Services - Lisa Boyd, LM (home and birth center)

Moonrise Health and Birth - Brandy Ross, ND, LM - 425-670-6752 ( home and birth center)

Ground Floor Health - Christina Gutierrez ND LM - 206-624-6627 (home and birth center)

Cynthia Brown, CNM - 206-784-2422 (hospital  and birth center)

Sally Avenson, CNM - 206-527-8773 (home, birth center, and hospital)

Group Health Midwives - 206-326-3500 (hospital)

Puget  Sound Neighborhood Health Centers Midwifery and Women's Health, Capitol Hill Clinic - 206-324-1449 (hospital)


Lake Washington Midwives - Valerie Sasson, LM; Ali Toperosky, LM, CPM   425-823-1919 (home and birth center)

Eastside Midwives - Heike Doyle, LM, CPM; Traci Palagi, LM, CPM   425-823-1919 (home and birth center)

Eastside Birth Center - Chris Thain, LM; Loren Riccio, ND, LM, CPM (home and birth center)


Midwives at Valley Medical Center  -  425-656-5321 (hospital birth)